Information About OPA’s Diversity Committee

The Oregon Psychological Association (OPA) Diversity Committee (DC) was established in 2006 with nine charter members and continues today as one of the largest subcommittees of OPA. In 2011, the Chair of the Diversity Committee was granted voting rights on the OPA Board of Directors. We welcome new members who are committed to diversity and able to participate in our meetings and activities. We are interested in recruiting a diverse group of licensed psychologists, students and psychologist trainees. It is important that our committee reflect the diversity of Oregon. For information on how to join our Committee please see our Become a Member and Leadership link below.

Committee meetings are currently held in Portland and can be accessed via video-conference. For the 2018-2019 year meetings are generally held the first Thursday of the month from 5:30-7:00pm. For a complete schedule of meetings, please contact our Vice Chair. Our meetings are an opportunity for professionals and students to connect, while also collaborating on OPA projects (newsletter writing, workshop presentations, CE workshops, to list a few). In early summer we host a required day-long retreat where we reflect on our work and set goals the for the upcoming year. During this time we also hold elections for the committee positions: Chair and Vice Chair.

Committee Reports and Updates

Mission Statement

The development of the OPA Diversity committee coincides with the growing diversity in Oregon. This committee addresses issues of diversity that affect the practice of psychology. The goals of the Diversity committee are:

  • Provide support and networking opportunities for psychologists who are of diverse backgrounds and/or who work with individuals of diverse backgrounds

  • Foster awareness and knowledge about diversity, multicultural humility, and psychological practice

  • Ensure that CE workshops reflect a commitment to integrate information about diversity into the education of psychologists

  • Help OPA stay informed and be responsive to ongoing challenges and opportunities presented by diversification

  • Ongoing review of social and community concerns, healthcare, and community and statewide mental health services

  • Provide advocacy support for minority psychologists and/or psychologists working with underserved populations, and community members

  • Increase recruitment, retention, mentoring and participation of diverse members within OPA
The ultimate goal of the Diversity committee is to support OPA, its leadership, and psychologists in Oregon reach the level where consideration of diversity issues is intuitive. It is pertinent in today’s society that issues of social justice and cultural humility be kept in the forefront of every psychologist’s mind and throughout OPA. 

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