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The Oregon Psychological Association's (OPA) "Find a Psychologist" section of this website will help you to find a psychologist that can meet your individual needs. Please read through this information and then begin your search below. This list consists of OPA members that are licensed psychologists in Oregon or are psychologist residents (who maintain supervision and professional liability insurance) that have chosen to be on this list. You can search by city, type of clients served, practice focus areas the psychologist works in, and more.


Psychologists listed in the the "Find A Psychologist" section are members in good standing of the Oregon Psychological Association.These psychologists are licensed to practice by the State of Oregon, which requires them to accurately state their qualifications and areas of competence. Information contained in this section is based on the information given by the psychologists. OPA does not require a minimum number of years of experience or specify malpractice insurance coverage as a part of this service--we encourage you to ask your potential psychologist these questions. OPA provides this listing as a service to the community, and as such, these listings are not meant as endorsements for specific psychologists and do not in any way guarantee treatment or evaluation outcomes.


The Oregon Psychological Association (OPA) does not determine or guarantee the competence of any psychologist listed in the OPA "Find a Psychologist" section of this website. Use of this section to locate a psychologist is voluntary and will not result in any liability against OPA. In no event shall OPA be liable for damages to any user of this site for the voluntary selection of a psychologist, for the services provided by any psychologist listed, or for any other damages which may occur. OPA cannot and does not provide any warranties related to the information contained in or resulting services from a psychologist listed on the OPA website.

How To Search

Begin your search by using the search criteria boxes found below.  For example, if you are looking for someone who works in a specific type of area, click on your selection in the  "practice focus" section.   You can combine more than one criterion or variable and you can search using only one criteria.  Combining criteria may restrict the amount of search results you receive.  If your search comes up with few or no psychologists, try searching using fewer criteria.  Hit the search button at the bottom of the page to begin the search.  Search results will appear in the next screen that you see.  Click on the name of the psychologist to access more information about them.

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