Confidential Peer Support Committee

The Confidential Peer Support Committee (CPSC) works to provide support and avert impairment to members.  We provide members with consultation on a range of issues including conflicts with colleagues, clinical concerns, potential complaints or lawsuits, venting, concern about impairment, client suicide, colleague behavior, family conflicts, problems in the business of psychology and any distress affecting the capacity or enjoyment for work.  Members may reach the Confidential Peer Support Committee (CPSC) by contacting one of the members listed below, or via e-mail at [email protected]. All responses will be encrypted and are kept strictly confidential.

CPSC offers the following programs to OPA members: 

  • Confidential Consultations with members of the CPSC.  Our names and contact information are printed in each OPA Bulletin and are listed below.  You may call anyone on the committee.
  • A panel of Providers for therapy referrals, who are well versed in privacy and confidentiality concerns.


Questions and referral requests to the Confidential Peer Support Committee are confidential under ORS 41.675 and are not shared with OPA or OBPE.  No demographic information is kept on callers.

Confidential Peer Support Committee Members

Marcia Wood, PhD - Chair

Jennifer Huwe, PsyD, LLC

Rebecca Martin-Gerhards, EdD

Colleen Parker, PhD

Maura  Sullivan, PsyD


Provider Panel Referral List

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CPSC Unplugged

CPSC Unplugged is where you can find a cartoon, a tip, or an idea, related to psychology in some way and ideally that shows how we interact as colleagues. Click here to access Unplugged.

Psychologists in Psychotherapy

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Other Topics

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