Confidential Peer Support Committee Unplugged

Summer 2016

Hello OPA!  The Confidential Peer Support Committee is wanting to have more contact with YOU and to find ways to be helpful.  This is the first of what we intend to send out multiple times a year with a cartoon, or a tip, or an idea, related to psychology in some way and ideally to how we interact as colleagues. 

As a reminder, for OPA members we offer the following programs:

  • Confidential consultations with members of the CPSC.  Our names and contact information is printed in each OPA Bulletin as well as on our page on OPA’s web site.  You may call anyone on the committee.
  • A panel of Providers for therapy referrals, who are well versed in privacy and confidentiality concerns.

Soon we are hoping to launch more online contact opportunities to interact with you, so stay tuned on that.  In the meantime, we’re here to be helpful in any way we can, so please feel free to contact any of us on the committee.  We would love to hear from any of you with ideas of how you would like to interact with us and what kinds of contact might be most helpful.  - Also, if you have a great cartoon, idea, quote or tip, please send them to me and I’ll keep them for potential future postings. The drawing below made us think about how simply being and functioning as a psychologist is enough to fill anyone’s brain!

Marcia Wood, PhD - Chair, OPA Confidential Peer Support Committee
[email protected]

Image reprinted with permission from Good Therapy