Psychologists of Oregon Political Action Committee (POPAC)

The Psychologists of Oregon Political Action Committee (POPAC) is the political action committee (PAC) of the Oregon Psychological Association (OPA).  The purpose of POPAC is to elect legislators who will help further the interests of the profession of psychology.  POPAC does this by providing financial support to political campaigns. 

The Oregon Psychological Association actively lobbies on behalf of psychologists statewide.  Contributions from POPAC to political candidates are based on a wide range of criteria including elect-ability, leadership potential and commitment to issues of importance to psychologists.   Your contribution helps to insure that your voice, and the voice of psychology, is heard in Salem.

In addition, POPAC works on many important issues on psychologist's behalf, including:

  • Parity for psychologists in insurance reimbursement
  • Reimbursement for psychologists and psychology residents in medical homes in Oregon
  • Protection of the strength of our profession and it's licensing requirements
  • Protection of our clients through use of good practice methodologies

Take Advantage of Oregon’s Political Tax Credit!  Your contribution to POPAC is eligible for an Oregon tax credit of up to $50 per individual and up to $100 per couples filing jointly.

Contributions are separate from association dues and are collected on a voluntary basis, and are not a condition of membership in OPA.  Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for state or federal income tax purposes.  Contributions from foreign nationals are prohibited.  Corporate contributions are permitted under Oregon state law.

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For more information, contact: [email protected]