What is OPA?

The Oregon Psychological Association (OPA) is a not for profit professional association whose purpose is to promote the interests of psychology as a science and profession through services to the public and members.  OPA is a comprised of Oregon psychologists who advocate for psychologists on local, state and national issues affecting both the profession and the world we live in. OPA functions through the active volunteer work of our membership.

What Does OPA Do?

  • Promotes psychology
  • Creates opportunities for professional and peer interaction and networking
  • Publishes a newsletter called the Oregon Psychologist Bulletin that updates members on opportunities, events and issues affecting psychologists
  • Advocates for legislation that affects the practice of psychology
  • Offers continuing education

The OPA Board of Directors would like to be clear that we welcome people of all faiths and religious backgrounds irrespective of race, ethnicity, national origin, and immigration status. Additionally, we remain committed to upholding the APA Ethical Guidelines which make clear we must advocate for and protect the civil rights of others. We are steadfast in our commitment to standing with and as people; people of all races, ethnicities, immigration statuses, religions, genders, sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, ages, education levels, abilities, and sizes. You are welcome here.

Confidential Peer Support Committee (CPSC)

As a member of the OPA, you can benefit directly from the Confidential Peer Support Committee, known as CPSC.  CPSC's mission is to reduce barriers and provide confidential consultation to psychologists reaching out for support.  Please CLICK HERE to learn more about CPSC and how it can help you!

The Benefits of Membership

OPA is comprised of psychologists and associates that advocate for psychology on local, state and national issues affecting both the profession and the world we live in. OPA functions through the active volunteer work of our membership.
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