Provider Panel Referral List

Purpose and Structure of OPA Confidential Peer Support Committee Panel:  The following provider panel consists of psychologists nominated in writing by their peers, as psychologists who are qualified to treat other psychologists, and then screened by the OPA confidential peer support committee as psychologists with both interest and specializations related to working with other psychologists. The psychologists on this panel are a small subset of qualified psychologists, and psychologists seeking treatment are encouraged to find the provider of their choice from within this panel from many well-qualified Oregon psychologists.

Confidentiality: You may contact our panel members directly and ask questions and discuss your concerns. Inquiries are treated as confidential in the same manner that any call or inquiry made to a psychologist would be kept confidential. OPA confidential peer support panel providers do NOT provide data on inquiries to any outside board or committee and do not report data to OPA or to the OPA Confidential Peer Support Committee. (Note: Oregon psychologists referred by OBPE for treatment or from other boards that may be using a member of the Oregon Confidential Peer Support Provider Panel may have a private arrangement to share information that would be clearly specified to the involved parties. This process is completely separate from a self-referred psychologist seeking treatment from a panel member)

Psychologists on this panel are current in their understanding of confidentiality concepts relevant to working with other psychologists, and strive to create fully confidential environments for psychologist-clients within the limits of Oregon law. Psychologists on this panel participate in ongoing meetings studying how to generate a supportive culture for treatment among psychologists.

Confidential Peer Support Program Panelists

Charity Benham, PsyD,  Tel:  503.550.7139
Email:  [email protected]  Website:

I have been in practice since 2005, and have offices in Salem and McMinnville.  I work from a psychodynamic relational perspective.  I have extensive experience working with fellow mental health professionals and other medical providers, as well as psychology trainees. I recognize the unique challenges of psychologists and other medical providers in our state due to the “Duty to Report” law and I hold confidentiality as my first and highest priority. I enjoy working with fellow professionals facing diverse and sometimes competing roles as parents, partners, helpers, companions, friends, etc. As a former psychotherapy consumer, I recognize the vulnerability involved in asking for help. Particular specialty areas include trauma, ADHD, caregiver fatigue, life transitions, spiritual issues and transitions, and the specific issues facing individuals with a non-hetero-normative sexual/relational identity and those in alternative relationship constellations.

Jennifer M. Huwe, PsyD, Tel:  503.538.6045

I have been in private practice in Newberg since 2003 providing individual and couples therapy.  My clinical work includes depression, trauma, anxiety, parenting stressors, marital conflict, work adjustment, and adjustment to physical illness or limitations. My therapeutic style draws from relational and depth therapies, although I can adapt my approach to respond to brief or pragmatic needs.  I have provided psychotherapy to other mental health clinicians for many years and appreciate how trust in a therapist’s capacity to hold confidential information is absolutely essential for good care. I am a member of the Oregon Psychological Association Confidential Peer Support Committee.  I enjoy gardening, kayaking, time with my dogs, and caring for a handful of delightful chickens in my time outside the office.

Beth Kaplan Westbrook, PsyD, Tel:  503.222.4031 Website:

Dr. Kaplan Westbrook is in private practice (since 1991) and serves as a consultant to the Medical Society of Metropolitan Portland (Wellness Program) and the Health Professionals Services Program (formerly Health Professionals Program, OR). She is committed to the respectful and confidential care of health professionals. Her training is in psycho-dynamic psychotherapy as well as other approaches. She chaired a task force for OPA on confidential peer support and co-chaired ACCA (the Advisory Committee on Colleague Assistance) for APA. She is past OPA president, has taught at Marylhurst College and Pacific University and worked for several years in hospitals and clinics before private practice. She currently serves on the Health Evidence Review Commission (Governor appointee since 2012). Her background is available at

Michaele P. Dunlap PsyD, Tel:  503.227.2027 ext 1  Website:

I have been licensed as an Oregon psychologist since 1991. I practice in NW Portland. I served on the OPA Board (7/93-6/96) and was chair of the Psychologist Support Committee during that time. I have continued service to peers on the Psychologist Support Panel into the present Confidential Peer Support Panel. I provide consultation and psychotherapy to adults, couples, families and professional peers. Focal areas in my practice include alcohol and drug abuse or dependence, marital and family relationships, developmental trauma, loss, difficult life transitions and the emotional and relationship challenges of closely held businesses. With peers, consultation may include support for the experience of client suicide, being stalked or harassed by clients, secondary or vicarious trauma, grief and loss, marital or family distress, struggles with counter-transference, or the stresses of private, agency or institutional practice. 

Lori L. Queen, PhD, Tel:  503.639.6843  Website:

I have a private practice in Tigard where I have provided individual and couples therapy since 1994. While I am generally an eclectic therapist, I have my roots in social learning theory and more recently have integrated mindfulness practices into my work. Areas of focus include mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, relationship issues and adjustment difficulties. I have been involved with OPA for many years and have served many roles. Threaded throughout that involvement has been an interest in helping psychologists deal with their own issues within the context of their profession. I’ve provided therapy, consultation, and supervision for psychologists and have consulted with OBPE on cases or on general approach issues. I believe strongly in the right for psychologists to have a safe, non-judgmental therapeutic environment in which to deal with their personal concerns.

Nancy Taylor Kemp, PhD Tel:  541.349.1167

I provide individual psychotherapy services within a feminist biopsychosocial model for adults at my private practice office in Eugene.  My areas of focus include Chronic Health Issues, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, and Bipolar and Schizoaffective Disorders.  I also work with individuals from a harm reduction approach for Substance Abuse Disorders. In addition I have an interest in working with individuals on stresses related to identity including disability, multiethnic and LGBTQ related issues.  In the past I have worked as the Clinical Director at an APA accredited training site, taught courses in Psychopharmacology, Co-occurring Disorders, and Physiological Psychology, and have sat as a member of the OBPE from 2007 - 2010.  I have been licensed as a Psychologist since 1995, and prior to that as a Psychologist Associate.

Ed Versteeg PsyD Tel:  503.684.6205  Website: 

I am interested in offering help to mental health providers struggling with distress and/or impairment issues. In the past some of my conversations with colleagues have involved feelings relating to the loss of a client through suicide, dealing with their own with depression and anxieties,  relationship issues (often times with business colleagues),  "burned-out", business concerns,  and  general life issues.  I welcome the opportunity to speak with colleagues around the alcohol abuse and dependency.

Doug McClure PsyD Tel:  503.697.1800  Email: [email protected]

Though many of us work alone, we are not meant to be lone rangers. The work we do, though often rewarding, takes a toll on us mentally, emotionally, and physically. All of us are susceptible to compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout. It is important that we nurture ourselves and that we do so regularly. Talking to another psychologist in a confidential, private setting may be one of those strategies of self-care.  I work with many health professionals of various disciplines and have done so for over 20 years. My style is relational, my approach eclectic and I work with individuals and couples. I see many people with chronic health concerns, life transitions, work issues.

Debra L. Jackson, PhD Tel:  541.465.1885 Website:

I have over 30 years of experience and a general psychotherapy practice that is limited to adults and providing individual and couple therapy. I have developed a specialty working with relationship problems and I enjoy working with heterosexual and same sex couples, confronting difficulties with communication, conflict resolution, infidelity, emotional and sexual desire or function, family and step-family concerns.  I have also directed outpatient clinics, supervised psychiatric inpatient and outpatient therapy teams, developed behavioral healthcare treatment programs and provided staff and management consulting and training.  I often work with health care facility employees and professionals, including; physicians, nurses, mental health therapists and substance abuse counselors.   I have owned a small EAP contracting business and provided staff and management consultation and helped organizations develop "Drug Free Workplace" policies and procedures.  I also formerly chaired and served on the Oregon Psychologist Association’s Psychologist Support Committee counseling colleagues for many years. Please see my web site for full description of my experience and therapeutic approach @

Maura D. Sullivan, Psy.D Tel:  603-616-8488

I have been in private practice for over fifteen years providing individual therapy to adolescent and adult clients. My clinical work includes unipolar and bipolar depression, trauma, anxiety, ADHD, managing life transitions, and coping with acute and chronic pain. I practice from a relational and insight oriented perspective that draws on mindfulness, cognitive reframing, and interpersonal strategies. I conducted my doctoral dissertation on the unique aspects of psychologists treating psychologist clients and have provided psychotherapy to other mental health clinicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, and health professionals throughout my sixteen years of licensure. I believe that holding space for another professional in a trusting and confidential manner is an honor and a privilege. I am a member of the Oregon Psychological Association Confidential Peer Support Committee. In the last five years I have integrated yoga into my therapy practice when requested and appropriate having obtained my 200 hour yoga teacher credential. I enjoy paddleboarding, yoga, reading, and spending time walking my dog in my time outside the office.