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"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." 
- Martin Luther King Jr.

The Oregon Psychological Association (OPA) stands with the Minnesota Psychological Association, the American Psychological Association, our sister psychological and mental health associations, civil rights organizations, and the people of the United States on the front lines of protest in condemning the racism and hate crimes that have been and are still being committed against Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC). Institutional racism and hate crimes are a significant, present problem in our country, and unacceptable in any form. The Declaration of Independence of the United States upholds the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," and the Constitution of the United States states that "We the people...establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility....promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity."

Black, Indigenous, People of Color have long been oppressed, maligned, and denied their due rights in this country, and it needs to end. The death of George Floyd is one of countless injustices toward BIPOC that we, as an organization of professionals and as Americans, need to work at every level to change, from individual examination of biases to policy and legal protections at the highest levels in the United States.

We encourage you to use OPA's Advocacy 101 tool to join the efforts to fight institutional racism, hate crimes, and the oppression of BIPOC.

We encourage you to read the Minnesota Psychological Association's Statement on the loss of George Floyd.

We encourage you to read APA’s action plan for addressing inequality.

We recognize that statements without action are hollow, and the OPA is committed to self-examination, evaluation of values, and action to better support our BIPOC community. We will be reviewing our mission and values as an organization at this year’s annual retreat in July, 2020, and we will partner with our BIPOC community members and our diversity committee to better understand and meet the needs of our community.

OPA Members and Colleagues,

You have likely been inundated with frequent updates, recommendations and information regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The OPA would like to take this opportunity to state that we stand with our state's efforts to reduce exposure through "flattening the curve" by limiting gatherings and encouraging social distancing. More can be found here on the state office of emergency management page.

The OPA stands with the American Psychological Association in promoting the use of our skills to alleviate fear and anxiety, combat bigotry and provide much needed social support and processing during this distressing time:. Helpful link: A guide by APA on protecting your patients and practice through the COVID-19 pandemic. The OPA stands with our partnering state organizations in disseminating information and strongly encouraging methods of de-escalation of panic, reducing fear and its associated risks of bigotry and harm to vulnerable populations: Read here and here

Our Director of Professional Affairs, Dr. Susan Rosenzweig, has been actively tracking practice issues and reimbursement for telehealth, and disseminating information along with our members on the listserv. Roy Huggins of Person Centered Tech is offering quick and free telehealth webinar to aid with helping practices with rapid transition. (Register here)The OPA stands with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP), the tireless efforts of our healthcare workers, and all emergency management workers who are treating the tide of this pandemicWe encourage and invite feedback, communication and ongoing collaboration as a community to meet the needs of our patients and our practices, and thank every member and Oregon psychologist for the front line support you are offering as we face this challenging time.

Thank you,
The Board of Directors of the Oregon Psychological Association (OPA)
Here are direct links to additional information, education,and training resources:

What is OPA?

The Oregon Psychological Association (OPA) is a not for profit professional association whose purpose is to promote the interests of psychology as a science and profession through services to the public and members.  OPA is a comprised of Oregon psychologists who advocate for psychologists on local, state and national issues affecting both the profession and the world we live in. OPA functions through the active volunteer work of our membership.

What Does OPA Do?

  • Promotes psychology
  • Creates opportunities for professional and peer interaction and networking
  • Publishes a newsletter called the Oregon Psychologist Bulletin that updates members on opportunities, events and issues affecting psychologists
  • Advocates for legislation that affects the practice of psychology
  • Offers continuing education

Confidential Peer Support Committee (CPSC)

As a member of the OPA, you can benefit directly from the Confidential Peer Support Committee, known as CPSC.  CPSC's mission is to reduce barriers and provide confidential consultation to psychologists reaching out for support.  Please CLICK HERE to learn more about CPSC and how it can help you!

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