Lance McDonald, EdD - Retiree

Lance McDonald, EdD

Eugene – Retired July 2023

I retired on July 28th of this year after being located for 36 years on Willagillespie Road in Eugene, Oregon. From the time I graduated with my bachelor’s degree, I started working in my chosen field at the Lane County Juvenile Detention Center (which was Skipworth at that time) in Eugene, working with youth in the residential center. While there I completed my master’s degree and moved to the Skipworth Counseling Center. During this time, I completed my doctoral degree and did my residency before going into private practice as a licensed psychologist. My career has spanned 53 years. 
I focused early on in working with youth and families and ended my career working with couples and individuals, including being the 'go-to' psychologist for first responders in the Eugene area.  
I am also a veteran of the Army National Guard. 
 I served the profession with passion and drive. I am proud of the work I have done as well as the number of younger people I have mentored into the field, including my granddaughter who is now a licensed counselor in the Portland area.