Peter S. Armstrong, PhD - Retiree

Peter S. Armstrong, PhD

Portland – Retired June 2021

I retired from private practice in June of 2021 after 40 years of practice as a licensed psychologist. I first worked in Pasadena California, then in Bend Oregon, and in 1999 moved to Portland. Following licensure, I trained as a psychoanalyst and practiced psychoanalytic therapy throughout my practice. Over the years, I taught courses in psychoanalytic therapy and practice development and supervised many upcoming therapists. I always found this career to be ever challenging and continuously interesting in understanding the human mind. And I am also very pleased to now be retired and be able to pursue many activities I also love. During my time in Portland, I published a book on the first session of psychotherapy, I served on the Oregon Psychological Association (OPA) professional support committee, and I served as president of the OPA board of directors. I was a faculty member and president of the board of directors for the Oregon Psychoanalytic Center. I valued the organizations that supported the licensure of psychologists and the training of therapists to high quality practice.

In retirement, I am enjoying life without a schedule, and I continue to do the many things I love which include hiking, kayaking, cycling, fishing, and cooking. I am also spending more time drawing and sketching. I enjoy a small group of friends that get together for dinners and loud and lively discussions of just about everything.

Retirement has also afforded me the time to travel more extensively with my friend and spouse Linda. We both love to see new places and cultures in the northwest and around the world. Since retiring we have taken a road trip across the USA and then through California, especially to see our three grandchildren. Last year we sold our condo and traveled in the USA and then spent 3 months in Spain and a month and a half in Morocco. At the beginning of the year, we returned to the USA and resettled back into Portland. And we have many more plans for the future.