Ethics Committee

The primary function of the OPA ethics committee is to advise, educate, and consult concerns of the OPA membership about professional ethics. As such, we invite you to call or contact us with questions of an ethical nature. At times, ethical and legal questions may overlap. In these cases, we will encourage you to consult the OPA attorney (or one of your choosing) as well.

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When calling someone on the OPA ethics committee you can expect their initial response to your inquiry over the phone. That ethics committee member will then present your concern at the next meeting of the committee. Any additional comments or feedback will be relayed back to you by the original contact person. Our hope is to be proactive and preventative in helping OPA members think through ethical issues. This committee is provided as a member benefit only to members of OPA. Please feel free to contact any of the following committee members.

Committee Members

Lisa Schimmel, PhD 503.381.9524 (Chair)

Work Environment(s):  Private practice; Assistant Professor at OHSU
Clinical Focus:  Life/work transitions, sexual orientation, gender identity, wellness, anxiety, mood, and stress (individual/adult/couples)


Jill Davidson, PsyD 503.313.0028
Work Environment:  Private practice (Founder and Co-Director of the Portland Anxiety Clinic, LCC)
Clinical Focus:  Anxiety and related disorders (e.g., OCD) using collaborative and tailored CBT; comprehensive assessment of neurodevelopmental disorders; trainings focused on OCD; clinical supervision of graduate students (individual/families/adults/adolescents/children)


Jenne Henderson, PhD 503.452.8002
Work Environment:  Private group practice
Clinical Focus:  Anxiety and depression (teens/children)


Catherine Miller, PhD 503.352.7324 (Chair Elect)

Work Environment(s):  Private practice; Professor and Clinical Supervisor at Pacific University, School of Professional Psychology
Clinical Focus:  Externalizing disorders, juvenile delinquency, animal cruelty, and hoarding (Individual/families/children)


Nnenna Nwankwo, MS (student member/doctoral candidate)

Work Environment:  Community mental health centers
Clinical Focus:  Trauma, anxiety, depression, and parent-child relationships (individuals/families/adolescents/children)


Del Rapier, MS, MA (student member/doctoral candidate)
Work Environment:  College counseling centers
Clinical Focus: Identity development, trauma, anxiety, body issues, and phase-of-life (individual) 


Nicole Sage, PsyD, 503.452.8002

Work Environment
Group Private Practice
Clinical Focus:  C
hild therapy and assessment; young children; behavior problems; anxiety; emotion dysregulation; developmental and neurodevelopmental problems; pediatric behavioral medicine (toileting, feeding, adjustment to medical issues)


Sharon Smith, PhD 541.343.3114

Work Environment:  Individual and group private practice
Clinical Focus:  Anxiety, depression, trauma, life transitions, and parenting (adults/teens/children)


Casey Stewart, PsyD, ABPP 503.317.4453
Work Environment(s):  Private assessment practice; consultant to numerous government agencies and private corporations
Clinical Focus:  Pre-employment and fitness-for-duty evaluations for high-risk occupations; independent medical examinations; threat assessment; violence risk assessment; validation research on personality testing in selection; occupational health, wellness, and resiliency training


Jane Ward, PhD, CSAT 503.626.6226
Work Environment:  Private practice
Clinical Focus:  Sexual issues, forensic assessments, trauma, and mood issues (individual/group/adults/adolescents)


Oregon Board of Psychologist Examiners


APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists & Code of Conduct