OPA Newsletters - 2016

OPA Newsletter - 2016


1st Quarter

Featured Articles

When Boundaries Hurt

● He's Looking at Online Child Pornography!

● OPA Annual Conference

● Reflections on Self-Disclosure in Culturally-Oriented Psychotherapy

● What Does Your Psychology Practice/Licensing Act Reveal That Can Help Your Efforts With a Colleague Assistance Program?

● Who Let That Doggie on the Airplane?

● In Memoriam

● OPA Elections and Annual Meeting Notice

2nd Quarter

Featured Articles

The Bookshelf: Autism Spectrum Disorders

● Intersectionality, Cultural Humility, and Silence

● You Cannot Be Everything to Everyone

● Creating a Generation of Oregon Psychologists Invested in Leadership:  Reflections from the 2016 State Leadership Conference

● OPA Announces 2016-2017 Board of Directors

● White Collar Mental Health

● OPA 2016 Award Honorees

● OBPE 2015 Year-End Stats

● Conference Highlights

● OPA Public Education (PEC) Committee in Action


3rd Quarter

Featured Articles

The Bookshelf: Bipolar Disorder

● Ethical Considerations of Exposure Therapy

● Get Ready for Back-to-School with #ThisPsychMajor

● Current Events from a Political Psychology Perspective

● Why Ethics?  Isn't This the Colleague Assistance Committee?

● Stress Management:  How to Strengthen Your Social Support Network

● Cliff Note:  Update from Oregon's Representative to the APA Council

● 2017 Conference Call for Presentations