OPA Newsletters - 2015

OPA Newsletter - 2015


1st Quarter

Featured Articles

"You Mean That's Telehealth?"  Ethical, Legal, and Contractual Considerations for Remote Services

● Being a Bystander:  The Ethics of Systemic Inaction

● OPA Annual Conference

● Wallowa Lake Conference:  An EOPA Tradition

● APA Council Representative Report

● Seeking to Understand; Seeking to Help

● Racial Microaggressions in Therapy:  What's the Problem with Seeing No Color?

2nd Quarter

Featured Articles

Got Culture?  We Have Consultants!

● Adversarial Allegiance:  The Ethical Strive toward Maintaining Objectivity, Integrity, and Best Practices in Forensic and Clinical Assessment

● OPA Announces 2015-2016 Board of Directors

● Book Review:  Why "Good Kids" Turn into Deadly Terrorists

● Oregon Pride Events

● OPA 2015 Awards and Conference Highlights

● OPA 2015 Conference Student Research Posters


3rd Quarter

Featured Articles

Preparing for ICD-10-CM

● APA Council Representative Report

● Doing Our Homework:  Ethical, Clinical, and Personal Considerations in the Context of Working within Gender and Sexual Communities

● Gender and Violence

● APA/DOD Collusion:  Physician Heal Thyself

● Seeking to Understand

● OPA 2015 Final Legislative Report

● Federal Advocacy Update

● OPA 2016 Call for Presentations for the Conference


4th Quarter

Featured Articles

Science and Cultural Humility

● APA Council Representative Report

● "New APA Policy Bans Psychologist Participation"

● Stillness

● Multiple Roles in Clinical Supervision:  Why Supervision is Ethically More Complex Than Teaching

● Health Evidence Review Commission:  State of Oregon

● Paycheck-to-Paycheck Is a Diversity and Cultural Issue

● Believing, in Stages

● OPA Nomination Sought