OPA Newsletters - 2013

OPA Newsletter - 2013


December/January 2013

Featured Articles

Native American Mental Health Issues

● Dear EC: Should I Accept Gifts from Clients

● Steps to Ensure Your Emotional Competence

● Irreplaceable Miracle

● Clinical Internet Research Anyone?

● New CPT Codes

● Giving Psychology Away

● OPA Public Education Award 2013

● OPA Elections and Annual Meeting Notice


March/April 2013

Featured Articles

● Dear EC: To Specialize or Not to Specialize – That Is the Question

● OPA Colleague Assistance Committee Mentor Program Is Now Available

● The HIPAA “Mega Rule”

● Cultural Competence and Oregon’s Health Care Providers

● Ethical Webs: Multiple Relationships and Practicum Training Sites

● OPA 2013 Annual Conference Pop Quiz

● Ethical Considerations for Psychologists in Community College Settings

● Improving the Autism Identification Process

● Fast Trauma/Phobia Cure: A Neuro – Linguistic Programming Technique

● Physicians Quality Reporting System (PQRS) Information for Psychologists


May/June 2013

Featured Articles

● Confessions of a First Year Graduate Student in Psychology

● Dear EC: What Should I Do About a Client’s Sexual Orientation?

● Bringing Awareness to Gender Role Conflict in Gay Men

● Musings on Vicarious Trauma

● OPA’s Dedication to the Future Psychologist to Oregon: A Recap of Student Saturday at the 2013 Annual Conference

● OPA Colleague Assistance Committee Mentor Program Is Now Available

● 2013 APA State Leadership Conference Recap

● OPA 2013 Conference Highlights


July/August 2013

Featured Articles

Dear EC: The Ethics of Trainer and Trainee

● Views from a Minority Perspective

● Where are the Counselors for People Who Have Serious Mental Illness? A Letter from NAMI to OPA Members

● Welcome New Members

● Report on a Fullbright Specialist Grant Project in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico

● Why Therapists Need to Understand Intercultural Communication: A Key to Effectiveness with Clients and Co- workers

● Instilling Hope as a Community Value

● Finding a Postdoctoral Fellowship in the State of Oregon


4th Quarter 2013

Featured Articles


● Trailblazers for the Future

● Recovering Self-Identity Amidst Long-Term Unemployment

● OPA Elections - Nominations Sought

● Why Does Diversity Matter?

● Dear EC: Ethics Are Not Complicated, So Why Use the Committee?

● Learning Diagnosis with Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness