OPA Newsletters - 2018

OPA Newsletter - 2018

1st Quarter

Featured Articles

Imagine There’s No Google (with Apologies to John Lennon)

● Cliff’s Notes

● The Bookshelf: Breast Cancer

● Emotional Support Animals: Ethical Considerations and Conundrums

● The Future of Advocacy and Leadership in Psychology

● Religious Diversity Counseling for Spiritual Health

● Inside the Colleague Assistance Committee (CAC): A Student’s Perspective

● OPA Elections and Annual Meeting Notice


2nd Quarter

Featured Articles

Building a Bridge: Increasing Access to Child Assessment among Minorities

● Neuropsychological Assessment with Non-Native English Speakers

● Past OPA Presidents: Peter S. Armstrong, PhD

● To Text or Not to Text:  Psychotherapy in the 21st Century

● Cliff’s Notes

● 2018 OPA Annual Conference Highlights

● OPA Announces 2018-2019 Board of Directors

● OPA 2018 Award Honorees


3rd Quarter

Featured Articles

Social Justice as a Presidential Initiative

● Reflections on Community Support

● Political Stress and the 2016 Presidential Election

● An ACES Update: Nuances of the Questionnaire and Auxiliary Tools for Assessment of Childhood Adversity

● Learning from the Humble Table: Reflections of Student Members on the Ethics Committee

● Assessing Political Leaders Psychologically

● Cliff's Notes

● The Bookshelf: Male Breast Cancer


4th Quarter

Featured Articles

Advocacy 101 for OPA Members

● Psychological Testing - Helping Our Clients to Speak the Unspoken

● What's Ethics Got to Do with it?

● First Year of Mentoring Program off to a Good Start

● Research Tidbits on Big Problems from a Political Psychologist

● The Bookshelf: It Hurts: A Practical Psychologist

● Past OPA Presidents: Marcia J. Wood PhD