OPA Newsletters - 2017

OPA Newsletter - 2017


1st Quarter

Featured Articles

Best Practices for Gender-Creative Children:  An Inside View

● Beyond the Flying Spaghetti Monster: Finding a Meta-ethic to Save the Human Species from the 6th Extinction

● A Mindful Approach to Mitigating Bias and Correcting Injustice

● Transforming Social Justice Values into Lived Experience: Reflections Following the National Multicultural Conference and Summit

● Cliff's Notes

● OPA 2017 Conference

● OPA Elections and Annual Meeting Notice

2nd Quarter

Featured Articles

OPA Announces 2017-2018 Board of Directors

● Dues Increase Approved to Implement Director of Professional Affairs

● No Fee and Fancy Free?  Ethical Considerations of Pro Bono Work

● Advice for Psychologists from a Lesbian Adolescent

● The Psychology of Presidents and Terrorists

● OPA Conference Highlights

● OPA 2017 Award Honorees


3rd Quarter

Featured Articles

Exploring Barriers to Training Criminal Defense Attorneys to Work Effectively with Mentally Ill Defendants

● Air Pollution as a Direct Contributor to Civilization Collapse

● Diversity Committee Celebrates 10 Years

● Diagnosing Donald Trump:  Duty to Warn Versus Unethical Practice?

● The Naked Unseen: An Overview of Exotic Dancers in Oregon

● OPA 2018 Conference Call for Presentations

● The Bookshelf:  HIV/AIDS

● OPA Participates in the 2017 Pride Parade


4th Quarter

Featured Articles

The Need to Increase Access to Peer Support

● Is Social Justice Advocacy Burning out Therapists?  How Mindfulness May be a Healthier Approach to Helping Clients and Therapists

● Unique Ethical Challenges Facing Integrated Behavioral Health Providers

● Why I Hate Self-Care

● The Bookshelf: Memoirs and Book-length Accounts for Ethics Exploration

● OPA Awards Program

● OPA 2018 Elections - Call for Nominations