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EOPA 26th Annual Wallowa Lake Conference - Psychiatric Diagnoses in Court: Current Controversies and Future Directions

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21 May 2011 09:00 AM 4:00 PM Eagle Cap Chalet
59879 Wallowa Lake Hwy.
Joseph, OR

EOPA 26th Annual Wallowa Lake Conference

Psychiatric Diagnoses in Court: Current Controversies and Future Directions
Presented by Karen Franklin, PhD

May 21, 2011 -  Eagle Cap Chalet

About the Program

Psychiatric diagnoses are often reified in legal contexts in order to advance practical objectives, from longer (or shorter) prison sentences to monetary damages to civil detention.  With stakes so high, it is no wonder that lynchpin diagnoses in the expanding niches of forensic and correctional psychology are sparking controversy.
This workshop will begin with a brief overview of diagnostic systems and issues of diagnostic reliability and validity.  The remainder of the workshop will focus on diagnoses of primary import in forensic contexts.  These include (1) antisocial personality disorder and psychopathy, (2) the sexual paraphilias, and (3) novel psychiatric disorders.  We will explore the implications of proposed modifications in the upcoming fifth edition of the DSM.  The workshop will assist practitioners in understanding current controversies surrounding forensic use of DSM diagnoses.  Participants will gain tools to help them use diagnoses in an ethical and professionally defensible manner.

About the Presenter

Karen Franklin, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist and an instructor in the forensic track at the San Francisco Bay Area campus of Alliant International University.  She specializes in the evaluation and treatment of criminal defendants.  Her research on the motivations of hate crime offenders was awarded a Monette/Horwitz Trust Award and a Harry Frank Guggenheim Fellowship.  Her current professional interests include ethics in the forensic context, and implicit biases in forensic psychology paradigms.  Her peer-reviewed publications have appeared in Behavioral Sciences & the Law, American Behavioral Scientist, the Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice and elsewhere.  A former criminal investigator and legal affairs news reporter, she received postdoctoral training in forensic psychology through the University of Washington.  More information is available at her website ( and her professional blog (

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