About Us

Oregon Psychological Association

147 SE 102nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97216
Tollfree: 800.541.9798
Fax: 503.253.9172
Email: info@opa.org


 The Oregon Psychological Association (OPA) is a not for profit professional association whose purpose is to promote the interests of psychology as a science and profession through services to the public and members. OPA is a comprised of Oregon psychologists who advocate for psychologists on local, state and national issues affecting both the profession and the world we live in. OPA functions through the active volunteer work of our membership. 


Board of Directors

Shahana Koslofsky, PhD
Phone:  503.621.2313
Email:  drkoslofsky@gmail.com

Past President, Nominations/Awards &
CE Committee Chair

Wendy Bourg, PhD
Phone: 503.320.6996
Email:  drwendybourg@gmail.comu

President Elect & OBPE Liaison
Ryan Dix, PsyD
Phone:  503.215.6884
Email: ryan.dix@providence.org

Secretary & Membership
Committee Chair

Freda Bax, PsyD
Phone:  503.232.1670
Email: fredabax6@frontier.com

Treasurer & Diversity Committee Chair
Natalie Kollross, PsyD
Phone:  541.278.2222
Email:  koll2510@pacificu.edu

APA Representative
Cliff Johannsen, PhD 
Phone: 503.329.5678
Email: cjohannsen@comcast.net

Juliette Cutts, PsyD
Phone: 503.982.0635
Email: juliettec@yvfwc.org

Carilyn Ellis, PsyD
Phone: 541.563.3197
Email: cellisalaska@yahoo.com

Spencer Griffith, PsyD 
Phone: 503.781.9085
Email: info@drspencergriffith.com

Alan Ledford, PhD
Phone:  541.956.4943
Email: aledford@kairosnw.org

Director - Diversity Committee Chair
Natalie Kollross, PsyD
Phone:  541.278.2222
Email:  koll2510@pacificu.edu

Director - Ethics Committee Chair 
Lisa Schimmel, PhD
Phone:  503.381.9524
Email:  drlisaschimmel@gmail.com

Director - Legislative Committee Chair
Robin Henderson, PsyD
Phone:  503.893.6666
Email: robin.henderson@providence.org

Director - Central Oregon Director -
Chapter Representative 

Kim Swanson, PhD
Phone:  541.548.2164
Email: ksswanson@stcharleshealthcare.org

Director - Southern Oregon
Chapter Representative


Director - Lane County
Chapter Representative

Bill McConochie, PhD
Phone: 541.686.9934
Email: bill@politicalpsychologyresearch.com

Director - Eastern Oregon
Chapter Representative

Connie Umphred, PhD
Email: drcu@integraonline.com



OPA Executive Director 
Sandra Fisher, CAE
Phone: 503.253.9155
Tollfree: 800.541.9798
Fax: 503.253.9172
Email: info@opa.org

OPA Legal Counsel 
Paul Cooney, JD 
Cooney, Cooney and Madigan LLC
Phone: 503.607.2711
Fax: 503.607.2702
Email: pcooney@cooneyllc.com

OPA Lobbyist 
Lara Smith 
Phone: 503.477.7230 
Email: lsmith@smithgovernmentrelations.com

Director - Student Representative 
Ben Paynter, MA
Phone:  920.723.4273
Email:  payn7704@pacificu.edu